sculpt and augment the buttocks

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Experience the transformative Ultra-Safe Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure, a cutting-edge technique that enhances your curves and boosts confidence. This innovative treatment involves using your body's own fat to create a natural-looking and fuller buttocks, achieving the desired aesthetic without implants. Welcome to the artistry of a refined silhouette.

Unlocking Curves: The Ultra-Safe Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

The Artful Combination: At Refine, we redefine curves with the Ultra-Safe BBL, an outpatient procedure that artfully combines liposuction and fat transfer. Targeting key areas like the anterior abdominal region and flanks, excess fat is harvested, and the revolutionary aspect lies in the use of ultrasound guidance during the injection process.

Precise Placement for Natural Results: Our approach ensures the precise placement of purified fat in the buttocks and hips, enhancing volume and creating natural contours. This technique, performed under general anesthesia, transforms the buttocks and hips, making them the desired focal points of your silhouette.

The Ultra-Safe BBL Journey:

Procedure Duration and Concealed Incisions: The entire procedure typically takes two to three hours, with small, easily concealed incisions in donor areas and the buttocks. Our commitment to safety and precision guides every step of the Ultra-Safe BBL journey.

Recovery and Maintenance: Embarking on the road to a curvier silhouette, our recovery process spans 3-4 weeks. We advise patients to avoid pressure on the buttocks, supporting the maintenance of the newly acquired shape and contour. Special garments are recommended, and our pain specialists provide analgesics for comfort during recovery.

Transformative Results:

Gradual Unfolding: The transformative results unfold gradually, with the final outcome appreciable 6 months to a year post-procedure. The injected fat responds to changes in your body, allowing for further transformations without additional surgery.

Contact Us Today: Contact us today to delve into the revolutionary Ultra-Safe BBL procedure at Refine Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Clinic. Discover how it can redefine your curves and transform your life. Your journey to confidence and curves begins here.